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ADHD and Technology Research — Investigated by Neurodivergent Readers

2022-05-04 @ 9:45 10:00 UTC -05:00

Technology research for neurodivergent conditions is largely shaped by research aims which privilege neuro-normative outcomes. As such, there is an epistemic imbalance in meaning making about these technologies. We conducted a critical literature review of technologies designed for people with ADHD, focusing on how ADHD is framed, the research aims and approaches, the role of people with ADHD within the research process, and the types of systems being developed within Computing and HCI. Our analysis and review is conducted explicitly from an insider perspective, bringing our perspectives as neurodivergent researchers to the topic of technologies in the context of ADHD. We found that 1) technologies are largely used to `mitigate’ the experiences of ADHD which are perceived as disruptive to neurotypical standards of behaviour; 2) little HCI research in the area invites this population to co-construct the technologies or to leverage neurodivergent experiences in the construction of research aims; and 3) participant resistance to deficit frames can be read within the researchers’ own accounts of participant actions. We discuss the implications of this status quo for disabled people and technology researchers alike, and close with a set of recommendations for future work in this area.


9:45 – 10:00 UTC -05:00
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Katta Spiel (Human-Computer Interaction Group, TU Wien, Austria), Eva Hornecker (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar), Rua Mae Williams (University of Florida, US), Judith Good (University of Sussex, UK)

Room: 297