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Remote VR Studies: A Framework for Running Virtual Reality Studies Remotely Via Participant-Owned HMDs

2022-05-05 @ 9:45 10:00 UTC -05:00

We investigate opportunities and challenges of running virtual reality (VR) studies remotely. Today, many consumers own head-mounted displays (HMDs), allowing them to participate in scientific studies from their homes using their own equipment. Researchers can benefit from this approach by being able to recruit study populations normally out of their reach, and to conduct research at times when it is difficult to get people into the lab (cf. the COVID pandemic). In an initial online survey (N=227), we assessed HMD owners’ demographics, their VR setups and their attitudes towards remote participation. We then identified different approaches to running remote studies and conducted two case studies for an in-depth understanding. We synthesize our findings into a framework for remote VR studies, discuss strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches, and derive best practices. Our work is valuable for HCI researchers conducting VR studies outside labs.


9:45 – 10:00 UTC -05:00
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R. Rivu (Bundeswehr University Munich), V. Mäkelä (University of Waterloo, Bundeswehr University Munich), S. Prange (Bundeswehr University Munich), S. Rodriguez (Bundeswehr University Munich), R. Piening(LMU Munich), Y.Zhou (LMU Munich), K.Köhle (LMU Munich), K.Pfeuffer(Bundeswehr University Munich), Y.Abdelrahman(Bundeswehr University Munich), M.Hoppe(LMU Munich), A.Schmidt (LMU Munich), F.Alt(Bundeswehr University Munich)

Room: 383-385