GermanHCI Networking Event at CHI’24: A Memorable Gathering in Hawaii

2024-06-07 Off By Sukran Karaosmanoglu
German HCI Event @Hawaiian Brian’s Social Club in Honolulu, Hawaii (📷 ©Chris Krauter)

This year’s GermanHCI event at the CHI’24 conference was a standout, drawing over 700 participants. This networking event highlighted inclusivity, bringing together researchers from German labs, international academics, and industry professionals.

Held at a venue managed by local Hawaiian hosts, the event was enriched by Hawaiian DJs who filled the air with vibrant tunes, creating a festive and energetic atmosphere.

The event’s success was fueled by the generous support of various contributing GermanHCI labs. Their contributions and active involvement were crucial in assembling such an event.

A special thank you goes out to the organization committee of German HCI Event. Their hard work and dedication ensured the seamless execution of the event.

The GermanHCI event at CHI’24 was more than just networking—it was a celebration of the global HCI community. We are already excited about future events. Thanks to everyone who attended and made this event unforgettable.

We hope to see you at the next GermanHCI event, where we will continue to foster connections and push the boundaries of Human-Computer Interaction together.

Mahalo and auf Wiedersehen!